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Destroying Dixie: Mainstream Media Explains Southern Genocide

The American Left has a plan to deal with White Southerners, who have long been the biggest demographic thorn in the side of the progressive agenda, and the leftwing media has recently gone on record to articulate its plan to marginalize and destroy Dixie in order to seize absolute power in Washington.


The plan articulated by Michael Lind here is straightforward: flood the South with Northern transplants and foreign immigrants in order to weaken the social fabric, target symbols of Southern distinctiveness like the Confederate Battle Flag or Confederate monuments for eradication, and demographically change the composition of the Southern population to make the troublesome region more politically amenable to “progressive” Democratic candidates.


As David Brooks wrote in Bobos in Paradise: The New Upper Class and How They Got There, the key to transforming the South and politically and culturally marginalizing the millions of conservative White Southerners who live there is to appeal to the cartel of New South economic elites who control the Republican Party to “render certain right-wing views unacceptable” like supporting the Confederate Battle Flag, opposing “comprehensive immigration reform,” opposing gay marriage, etc. This is why you have this parade of Republican lapdogs attacking The Donald for drawing attention to politically incorrect topics like violent crimes against Americans committed by illegal aliens. In the brave new world of the 21st century, White Americans will be expected to doff their hats and bend the knee before these “Bobos in Paradise.”


There’s a word for that … it is called “genocide.” These attacks on Southern monuments and historical symbols, which are tolerated and encouraged by the ruling elite, are just proxy attacks on a distinct ethnic group. It hasn’t descended to the level of Zimbabwe or South Africa yet, but we know what to expect is coming down the pike.

Another Liberal Professor Calls for Hate Crime Punishment against Those Flying the Confederate Flag

What’s Behind the Confederate Battle Flag Purging?

Southern genocide is real, US media brags

The Jackson Free Press apparently hasn’t gotten the word. In a recent article it attacks the “Cicero of Dixie”, William Flowers, for noting in a speech at a pro-Southern heritage rally in Mississippi that a “cultural genocide” is being waged against the South. Actually, Mr. Flowers understates things considerably. The South is being re-populated and Southern White conservatives will soon lose political control of Dixie due to Third World immigration (mostly from Latin America and Asia) and Northern migration, boast mainstream liberal writers in the US media. William Lind in a recent Washington Times article and Peter Beinart in an Atlantic piece both celebrate the on-going re-population of the South and the inevitable political transformation this creates. Demographics is destiny, they point out, and the South’s demographics are (and have long been) dictated by US Leftists in Washington, DC. Policies which discourage large, strong Southern families, balloon the size of the non-White under class and bring in millions of Third World immigrants are the most destructive aspect of the #WarOnTheSouth. Numerous areas of the South have already experienced this ethnic and cultural cleansing cheered (and openly called for) by the US Left.

Robert E. Lee living historian laments: ‘People are trying to erase history’

Anthony Hervey, black man who championed confederate flag for years killed after flag rally!

Anthony Hervey, Black Pro-Confederate Activist, Killed in Car Crash; Ran Off the Road by Unknown Assailants

Anthony Hervey’s last speech before being forced off the road to his death.  “White guilt has destroyed my people.”

Video retrieved from David Harkins.

Police Seek Others Involved in Black Confederate Activist’s Death

Black Lady Rebel Burns Lifetime NAACP Card to Protest Anti-Confederate Policies

Woman burns NAACP card at rally, injured in crash after allegedly being chased

Car full of jeering black men force black Confederate supporter off road to his death after flag rally

Mississippi to Investigate Death of a Black Man Who Raised Confederate Flag

Black Pro-Confederate Flag Activist Dies in Car Accident After Alleged Confrontation With Group of Black Men

Birmingham media accused of bias in coverage of black Confederate flag supporter

‘Dangerous Precedent’: Author Angry After His Historical Book About the Confederate Flag Goes Missing From Amazon Author Page

Now the Marxists Are Digging Up the “Racist” Skeletons of the Confederacy… Literally – But Leaving Democrat Robert “Sheets” Byrd’s Name Intact in WV

Norfolk Naval Shipyard removes a #ConfederateFlag that flew for decades

The Cultural Genocide of the Southern People Accelerates

Resident calls 911 over man walking ‘very deliberately’ with Confederate flag

Teens Arrested for Confederate Flag Burning at Mississippi Veteran’s Home

Wife-Beating Racist Redneck Terrorists – Obama Demeans Southerners, Confederate Flag From His Kenyan Homeland

Feeding his compulsion to assault and degrade as many Americans as possible, particularly those who disagree with him, on the world stage, Hussein Obama decided there was no better time to showcase his bigotry and his ignorance on southern history than during a trip to his homeland.

In the course of his lesson, Obama described the Confederate Flag as a symbol of the states that fought against the Union to preserve slavery. The American history courses at the Indonesian madrasas where he attended school were probably more than a little weak on the Civil War, but if he’s going to be attacking the symbol of the south around the globe it might be prudent to educate himself first.

The southern states fought against an invading Union Army in defense of their homeland and against an oppressive federal government not unlike what we experience today. Most southerners didn’t own slaves. Lincoln was, in fact, willing to allow slavery to continue if he could have crafted a deal which would have preserved the Union. The truth doesn’t move his agenda and lies make for a much better and more moving story.

Obama opens saying, “Just because something is a part of your past, doesn’t make it right. It doesn’t mean that it defines your future.”


He says “Recently we’ve been having a debate about the Confederate Flag,” neglecting to mention that the only reason we’ve been having that debate is because his agitators have been pushing their anti-white, black privilege agenda.

Obama equates the attitude and actions of one individual who happened “to be a fan of the Confederate Flag and racial superiority” as being representative of all who revere the flag and their non-Indonesian, non-African, non-Hawaiian heritage. He basically labeling southerners in general as white supremacist terrorists, saying, “Just because something is a tradition doesn’t make it right.” In this case, this tradition is wrong because or dictator decreed it to be wrong.

He then went on to further degrade southerners in the eyes of the world by equating them with those who repress women, beat their wives and don’t educate their children. He does everything but call them ignorant rednecks. He didn’t have to. The nature of his comments and his tone said it for him.

Retrieved from Resistance News

Man Invades Home to Steal Confederate Flag, Attacks Owner, According to Police

Colorado V.A. asks veteran to paint over Confederate flag on American war mural

Confederate Flag, Memorial Items Come Down At Virginia College Campus

Georgia [Nathan Deal] renames Confederate Memorial Day, Robert E. Lee on holiday calendar

Black Lives Matter Activists Wipe Their Butts With Confederate Flag: Group waved communist flags during confrontation

Confederate Emblem Barred In Charleston Schools

California Assembly Urges Federal Ban of Confederate Flag

The Confederate flag, a college mace and becoming America again

Rally for Confederate battle flag sparks protests in Plantation, Sunrise

Florida bill would ban confederate flag on government property

After Local Debates, Bill Filed Banning Confederate Flag On Government Property

Mom: Son’s confederate flag shirt no more offensive than gay rainbow flag in school

Park Hill South student suspended for flying Confederate flag on truck

Florida Man Shown In Video Stealing Confederate Flag Being Charged

WATCH: Birthday Party Incident Demonstrates How War On Whites, Confederate Flag Is Affecting Race Relations

WATCH – “My Father Wore A Turban, It Was Hard Growing Up In (Racist) South Carolina”: Nikki Haley Exposes Her Lifelong Resentment Of White Southerners, Confederate Flag

 Allahu Akbar: What the lowering of the Confederate flag is REALLY about

Fox Hosts Lament Flag Ban: The Elites Are Trying To ‘Crush’ Patriotism

School District Responds To Confederate Flag Flap By BANNING ALL FLAGS

Tennessee school district bans flags, including U.S., amid Confederate flag debate

DMV removes Confederate flag from specialty license plate

The VA Bans Large Confederate Flags From All Its Cemeteries

Confederate flags taken off 70 graves at historic cemetery in Brunswick

Georgetown Makes Students Do Walk Of Shame To Atone For Slavery



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