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Having assembled a small collection of excellent articles that give the actual facts about the Civil War and its causes, I decided to share them with others on this website.

In addition, I wanted to raise awareness about the recent and current attacks on the Confederate flag and everything pertaining to the Confederacy.  I see those as an attempt to erase the traditional conservative values and culture of the South and replace them with liberal “progressive” values.

Since the values being attacked are also the values of the Christian church, these attacks, if not stopped, will target Christians next.  So it is time to stand up and speak out to defend our Southern heritage and values.

Slavery was and has always been a terrible thing, but as you will see from information accessible from this site, the North owned slaves for 200 years and supplied most of the slave market up until the eve of the Civil War.

The Northern Tariffs were the primary issue of the Civil War, as is detailed by some of the articles linked to on this site.   Not only was the South exploited by the North through unjust taxation, but the South’s economy was crippled by the destruction, robbing, and pillaging by Union soldiers and later by the profiteering of Northern carpetbaggers.

In spite of all of this, the South today is just as patriotic as any other part of this great country of ours, and maybe even more so than those states dominated by liberal politics.  Southerners believe in protecting our constitutional and God-given liberties and our conservative values.

God bless America, and may she ever be free!


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  1. As an author artist and publisher I’m deeply impressed as an African American about the cliche slogan “Black Lives Matter” campaign, but I Gregory Newson believe, all of us of color should remind ourself that other entities of Blackness which may be difference then our present day philosophy are being excluded from today’s afro american narrative. As a Author/Artist and black man l say; we’re doing exactly what the so-called spineless politicians are doing, trying to sweep the Confederate flag and Southern Heritage underneath the rug, as we simultaneously ignore the Black Confederates who was responsible for all Afro Americans to be free today, and not the bigoted Abraham Lincoln that want to ship all Afro Americans back to Africa. America we must embrace the Black Confederates and stop the racial divide. America get back to reading. http://newsonpublishing-com.3dcartstores.com/EVERYTHING-YOU-WERE-TAUGHT-ABOUT-AFRICAN-AMERICANS-AND-THE-CIVIL-WAR-IS-WRONG-ASK-A-SOUTHERNER_p_43.html


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